Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Miss You

Oh running, how I miss you!
I'm sorry if I ever took you for granted, which I know I did on several occassions.
How I would love to have just one of those long, grueling runs right now. I promise I would appreciate you this time.
I would revel in the sweat, pain, and sore muscles.
Even more though, I would revel in the feeling once again of moving freely through the world on my own two feet at a fast pace.
With nothing more encumbering than a light pair of shoes, shorts and top.
I've met your sisters - walking and cycling - and they are pretty nice too. But they aren't you.
You challenge me, push me, test me.
But for now, I'm trying to be happy with cycling. I can get my heart rate up while peddling at a good clip, and I move along the ground. But I don't leave the ground - either in body or mind - like I do with you, running. My mind soars while running and goes inward and outward to deep, wonderful places. You help me solve problems and dream about what I can do.
I miss you. And I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks, I hope.

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