Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 2 in SLC

My second day running in my VFF's in Salt Lake City was awesome, sunny and 58 degrees! Today I ran to, around, and through Temple Square. I think I covered every square inch of it. When I first entered the square, the first thing that hit me was the sweet, strong fragrance of hyacinths. There were beautiful spring flowers blooming in all the gardens. The second thing that hit me was the imposing, pristine buildings of the headquarters building and the main temple. They are giants towering high above the flowering trees and clear, light blue water of the fountains. The fountain directly in front of the temple is a large round infinity pool style that slowly flows off the edges, but the top of the water is so still it looks like you could...well, walk on water. There are several beautiful buildings inside the square, and I was glad to be able to run past them and admire the stonework and gardens all around.

There was a wedding party having photographs taken inside the square on the green grass with the flowers and fountain in the background. Just as I was running by them, eight groomsmen threw the groom high into the air so he floated for a split second among the clouds.

Today was mostly running on concrete sidewalks, and I went a little longer, so I'm pretty sure my calves will let me know tomorrow how unhappy they are. I'll give them a day's rest and then sqeeze them back into their little toe sleeves on Friday.

Happy Running  :o)

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